Who we are

Hygiene products designed to fulfil your needs and satisfy your requirements

Since 1924, HEXOTOL has been the recognized leader for equipment and products for lavatories and sanitary premises throughout France. HEXOTOL designs, manufactures and distributes a full range of dispensers, sanitary accessories and hygiene and cleaning products, offering its customers solutions to the daily issues they face in their premises, and who seek the highest quality of hygiene possible for their lavatories and sanitary premises.

Located in Coignières since May 2011, HEXOTOL has seen its performance continue to rise.

Its organic growth has been constant since 2008 thanks to the positioning of its commercial strategy, which focuses on hygiene products that comply with the French “Grenelle” environmental policy, as well as organic products, anti-microbial paint, etc.

With more than 1,200 products and 1,500 orders processed per month, HEXOTOL distributes throughout France with an average delivery time of three days.

HEXOTOL: our organization, methods and strategy

A responsive sales and logistics team, always available to our customers, providing information, using a common language and creating a common culture and a series of values to develop employee appropriation of the company.

Quality products, known to be reliable based on many years of experience, made from noble materials, including steel and 304 stainless steel.

Renowned for its expertise since 1924 at the service of institutions and public services.

External communication: communication and exchanges with and between partners, customers, suppliers and subcontractors to provide and receive information in real time using computer technology, a key instrument in guaranteeing optimal performance.

Internal communication that supports the company’s social and economic projects; our teams are regularly informed of our objectives and methods via structured presentations.

An organization in the form of “cells” or network-based relying on a light reporting structure and participation in transversal projects. Each employee knows the purpose of his or her mission.

Our values

HEXOTOL: our reputation

Our company is known throughout the industry and stands above its rivals in particular thanks to our sustained efforts over the years, traditional communication, publicity, catalogues, our web site, and our customers’ use of products that have become market leaders. Our goal is to remain in the minds of consumers through our products and services.

Our customers appreciate our stability, advice, after-sales service and the quality of our brand distributors. Their trust is illustrated by their loyalty over the years.