Who we are

HIMMEE lighting brand was founded in 2014 by a designer Timo Niskanen. HIMMEE represents fresh, young Nordic design. The design language of the collection is discreet and suits modern homes perfectly. Each lamp comes with its story and a piece of HIMMEE’s soul. Lamps are manufactured in Finland.

Our values

I am Timo the founder of Himmee, a designer, a lower secondary shool shop class teacher and last but most importantly a father of two sons. Back in my childhood I built Legos and my NHL career was left as a distant dream. During my professional career I have designed products, marketing material and everything related. As my own mission I have travelled around the world carrying my lamps around and trying to find right manufacturers for them. I have found a few good ones but the collaboration has always ended for various reasons. Bored with constant calculating and compromises, I put the lamps aside and concentrated on teaching. However, passion attracted me to lamp design again and the idea of my own lighting brand developed in my mind. I had doubts about leaping from being a designer to handling the whole business. Encouragement from my loved ones helped and I decided to launch my own lighting brand.


Idea for the lighting fixture came unexpectedly. One night Niskanen was walking with his dog and suddenly he noticed Loop obstacle from the mini golf track coming out from the snow. He had walked several times by the mini golf track but this time he saw the obstacle for new eyes and the basic form of the Loop-lamp was born. Loop-table lamp has an aluminium body and opal acrylic diffuser. Led-lightsource is placed as an shape of the arch to the upper side of the inner surface of the circle. Lamp can be controlled by touch dimmer at the body of the lamp.


People often find features of living creatures in the products. The same happened to Niskanen with Filly lamp. Niskanen was working with the prototype of the lamp and it started to look like a stick horse and he added small ears to the shade to tell this story. The interesting origami shape shade is made of bended aluminium. The attachment pieces for the stem are formed in the same process. The base part of the lamp is concrete cast in mould. The concrete part is left rough to give contrast to the finished oak and metal parts. Filly gives well focused light for reading and working. It also suits ambient lighting. The prototype of Filly Long Neck was shown at Milan Furniture Fair in 2011 and now it has its commercial premiere. Filly family consists of three lamps: two floor lamps and a table lamp. All the lamps have a concrete base, an oak stem and an aluminium shade. The colour of the shade comes in dark grey or white.