Who we are

The company has seen many changes since it was founded in 1940. However, our commitment to quality has always remained unchanged. Our 1,250 employees produce high quality furniture for the entire world. Our hülsta and now! by hülsta brands will only go onto the market after being submitted to rigourous tests. Only the best is good enough for our customers. We want to offer you endless possibilites to create your very own inspiring home. Our partners, the veneer manufacturer hobb and the logistics company SLC are just as committed to deliver high quality standards and outstanding service. You should not expect anything less, we do not, either.

hülsta, a third generation family business with a highly cosmopolitan outlook, total commitment to its location and outstanding creativity, is currently setting the worldwide benchmark for the highest quality system furniture.

Life would be very boring if everybody was the same and had the same taste. Our furniture helps you to express your individuality and to create your very own inspiring home. The hülsta brand is created for customers who know what life is all about and who value high quality. Our extensive choice of 50 furniture ranges with finishes stretching from lacquer to solid wood offers inexhaustable design ideas.Our cash-and-carry range now! by hülsta offers design solutions for young and flexible customers and reflects the spontaneous attitude towards modern life: The furniture can be fitted using almost no tools and their endless add-on principle offers many design possibilities. Add variety to your life, buy hülsta.

Our values

Furniture is not simply an object of use. It also expresses the personality of the manufacturer and the customer. hülsta furniture stands for quality made in Germany. Our furniture is exclusively manufactured in Germany and sold to customers worldwide. It is of major importance to us to create timelessly beautiful shapes and long-lasting products that will help you to create an inspiring home. Trends come and go, but high-quality craftsmanship lasts. Our commitment to quality starts with the selection of the raw materials and does by far not end with our first-class-service.

Our Quality principles:

Some people call us pedantic, which we are when it comes to the quality of our furniture. We believe that quality always pays off, and our 10 straightforward principles define our commitment to quality. Only the typical hülsta combination of quality, personality and responsibility will transform extraordinary furniture into hülsta-furniture.


The hülsta service card makes life much simpler. It is the direct link between you and us and grants you easy access to all of the hülsta services.

Each hülsta order has a special guarantee number. The hülsta service card allows you to always have your personal guarantee number to hand, which in turn allows us – even after years – to access the individual production documentation of your furniture in a matter of seconds. This will always be an advantage, even if it is not a guarantee issue.

Adding to your hülsta furniture at a later date, as long as the range has not been discontinued, will be mere child’s play if you are registered with us via the hülsta service card. We will be able to manufacture additional units without a problem. We will of course also inform you in time in the event of your range or a wood or lacquered finish within the range being discontinued. This will give you sufficient time to think about possible additions to your existing furniture. You will also be able to take advantage of the hülsta trust guarantee, which ensures our full support for any questions about your hülsta furniture even after the expiry of the 5-year guarantee.

The hülsta quality guarantee.

Careful manufacturing processes and a comprehensive quality control ensure that every piece of hülsta furniture that leaves our premises is absolutely immaculate. Mistakes are therefore improbable – but not impossible. However, we can assure you that you have made a perfect choice with hülsta.

hülsta offers 5 years guarantee* on the perfect craftsmanship of all units, on the functional safety of all technical parts as well as on the quality of materials and surfaces of solid woods, veneers and lacquers. Please note the guarantee does not cover replacement bulbs, damages due to wear and tear, incorrect use or care of the furniture.

Our presence around the world