Who we are

Our philosophy's defining moment

In 1982, Balthasar Hüsler contemplated the essence of good sleep and constructed the first Hüsler Nest. Today, the company is run by Adrian Hüsler, as a second-generation business. He has remained loyal to his father's convictions.

At home in bed

The world is turning faster and faster. This causes us to lose touch with our roots and with nature. We are convinced that everyone needs a place where they can feel snug, with no ifs or buts. A place where they can take a leisurely time-out, come to terms with the past day and look ahead optimistically.

A Hüsler Nest is just such an oasis of tranquillity, well-being and relaxation. In 1982, company founder Balthasar Hüsler thought long and hard about the essence of good sleep. He was motivated by his chronic back pains and how they disturbed his sleep. He did himself a favour and constructed the first Hüsler Nest. Today, you too can sink into your most enchanting dreams, find inspiration and simply feel at home in a Hüsler Nest.

Certified for better sleep.

We care about your health. In a Hüsler Nest, you sleep surrounded by natural and untreated materials, in an orthopaedically correct manner. Ever since we were founded, we have always paid attention to the environment and sustainability when purchasing raw materials. That is why we are now seen as pioneers of the natural bed.

Our values

We harmonise with each other.

A Hüsler Nest is more than the sum of its parts. It is the whole system that functions, giving you the gift of snugness and healthy sleep. The situation is similar in the Hüsler Nest team. Each one of us has their talents. Together, we are successful and ensure that the Hüsler Nest story can keep being written.