IAM Design

Who we are

The IAM Design product line includes more than 2,500 modular stainless steel elements to to build railings, fences, canopies, staircases, and other structural elements, both for interior and external spaces.

The modern and linear design of the various elements allows a quick and easy installation, and meets the needs of architects, designers and professionals, adapting perfectly to any type of environment. IAM Design is born from the experience and expertise of Gonzato Group, for over 40 years the world leader in the production and distribution of metal components for architecture.

IAM Design is able to provide a completely new service to support professionals: technical tools both online and offline made with experts specialists, and an advisory tailored service for a step by step cooperation with any professional for the realization of any project

Our values

From the i of Idea to the i of Installation, we take care of every aspect of the product. Unlike many of our competitors, we are real producers thanks to our 5 production branches in Italy and Europe.

We are the only company in the industry that can boast a production capacity can meet any special request within tight production time.

Unlike most of the products on the market, our items are realized in our production branches in Italy and Europe, thus being submitted to production rules and standard quality tests that allow us to know the story of each piece from its birth to its delivery.