Who we are

Our history starts in 1978, when we developed our first lighting products. The last 40 years, allowed us to acquire the necessary know-how to research, test and produce our own luminaires and lighting solutions. The continuous investment on Research and Development of new methods for product design, alongside with innovation on the production process, makes us ambitious and confident about the future. Also the competence, quality and skills of our human resources is one of our main priorities. We continue to expand into new markets and improve our expertise about the services that we provide.
The Indelague Group, through Indelague, Indelague Espanã and Roxo Lighting brands in the lighting sector and IEA brand in cable trays sector, supplies solution of professional indoor and outdoor lighting, LED solutions and lighting management systems. We are present worldwide in more than 30 countries, either through direct sales or strategic partnerships with professional distributors, aiming at maintain and improve our sales network on global lighting sector.

Our values

The R&D (Research & Development) department occupies a key position among the activities of Indelague Group. The close relationship with our clients is fundamental to monitor and follow up the market trends and developments, which motivates even more our R&D team to search for new materials, solutions and run tests even more strict and accurate, allowing the Indelague Group to guarantee a high technological level and unique quality standards.
Our R&D team is focused on the research and development of innovative LED products, through testing (thermal, photometric and functional) on our own laboratory and through partnerships with independent labs. On 2016 we have, for the first time, applied to an international design award and we won a prestigious international award, the German Design Award 2017, with Special Mention – Excellent Product Design. This award make us very proud and motivate us to continue to pursue our own product R&D and to continue to apply to international awards also.

Our products are the outcome of a constant and continued research in different areas, from optical components and electronics, to design and photometrics, leading to products that embody advanced technology with sustainable materials and timeless design. 
We constantly developed highly advanced production processes in order to reach lower energy consumption, higher product lifetime, optimized operating temperatures, new light effects and excellent performances. We have a very important role on the implementation of new technologies within the sector, by projecting and producing our own LED boards, developing innovative products and allowing that architects, light designers and end-users may explore all the possibilities of our lighting solutions.
Indelague Group, through several tests made, advanced knowledge on product development and permanent optimal materials use, supplies lighting that stands out on optic performance, durability and energy saving.

Through our website and social networks, we create the necessary conditions to make product search and project development easier to our clients. We developed several tools that help on the architecture and lighting design throughout the different project steps.
Our web site is very user-friendly and intuitive, which allows it to be an essential tool for our clients. It is available for a wide range of platforms and includes essential information such as: brochures, product pictures, LDT files, technical datasheets, performance data, installation instructions and reference parameters. 
You have at your disposal 3 methods for product search: through application/product type menu, through search box (by browse the name of the product that you are looking for) and through product filters.