Who we are

Our history is that of the Italian artisans; not only full of passion for their work but also technically skilled, with a desire to experiment and innovate who continually looks to the future, searching for new opportunities to make still better use of his skills and abilities.

Our company was founded due to the initiative of some Italian artisans eager to enlarge their experience acquired in the production of accessories and fittings for the luxury yachting sector, a field where the Versilia area has always played an active part on a worldwide scale.

Creating products for this sector means continually updating with the contemporary research for beauty and quality in both materials and workmanship. These products must be able to enhance first class vessels with regard to design and technology while, at the same time, resist the most aggressive weather elements and maintain their aesthetic and functional characteristics.

Our values

Our attention to the details that we seek, together with our method of craftsmanship, obviously doesn’t allow for the adoption of an industrial approach to production. On the one hand, this fact means giving up a broader market but on the other it gives our products presence at the most exclusive locations where we receive ample gratification seeing our work appreciated.

In short, transferring our enthusiasm for the craftsmanship of beautiful and durable objects was the idea behind Inoxstyle. We’re pursuing this goal by creating unique swimming pools and beautiful garden objects, uniting refined beauty and elegance into objects of great quality that last over time:

Our presence around the world