Who we are

INSILVIS, on the borderline between art and design

INSILVIS was founded in 1994 in Pordenone, as a mark on the borderline between art and design.

The initial orientation of the technical and artistic plan towards the solid wood with natural finish assembled without any metallic component, is the reason of the latin name “in silvis”, “in the forest”, by the way in remembrance of the St. Mark’s forest, anciently existing on the site of the company location.

During these years have been introduced prestigious collections in wood characterized by a peculiar iconic appearance, among which ambos and altars for place of worship, lecterns and tables for exclusive destinations.

Contacts developed in the course of time with prestigious international customers, exigent and competent, in conjunction with the opportunity to face culturally heterogeneous spaces of destination of and most topical artistic references, urge soon INSILVIS to explore the potentialities of other materials, among which stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, solid, wood, stone and natural marble, fiber-reinforced and particulate composite materials, gold- and silver-foil coverings.

Is thus defined a style immediately recognizable: contemporary, for the attention to evolutions of the taste, classic, since it is not dependent on fashion alternations, innovative, for the ceaseless functional and typological research, excellent, for the aim of a quality of form and content without compromise.

The location on a region full of production activities allows INSILVIS to address demanding production challenges, though conserving the initial spirit of the artistic laboratory: the most advanced production processes filtered by the handicraft quality of the made in Italy.

Special attention is all along dedicated to the clothing storage solutions, interpreted, beyond the functional requirements, as aesthetically independent protagonists of the architectural space.

Iconic presences that can be considered on the edge of a distinct objectual category.

Our values

What we believe in:

- uncompromisingly high quality of materials and of each manufacturing operation;

- accurate small-scale manufacture with attention to details in the tradition of the excellent Italian craftsmanship;

- manual artistic processing which allows some of our products to set themselves apart from the serial industrial production;

- predilection for primary, durable, traditional materials;

- unconditional attention to the functional aspects;

- contemporary style for a contemporary home;

- unconventional design, bordering on art and art-design. The art-design field has the freedom of art with not just the essential aim of design, which is a positive feedback and the purchase of a piece to satisfy a need;

- attention to the symbolic values of forms;

- irony, levity, decontextualization;

- territorial identities: some designs, material coordination and processes are suggested by the cultural and environmental identities of our land;

- expression of the Italian culture: physical, perceptual, cultural, emotional values.

Our presence around the world