IP Cleaning SRL

Who we are

The IPC Group – Integrated Professional Cleaning - is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of Professional Cleaning Equipment, with a wide established expertise and a complete portfolio including cleaning machines and manual equipments: scrubber driers, sweepers, high pressure cleaners, vacuums and manual equipments.

IPC Group, with more than 1.000 cleaning specialists focused on customers satisfaction, has a global commercial network covering over 120 countries. The company has five state-of- the -art plants located in the North of Italy and ten international branches in Europe, Americas and Asia, which guarantee a strong presence on the market.

IPC’s large R&D team works as a group of specialists in delivering cleaning innovation and gives special priority to sustainable technologies improving on energy and water saving and boosting the use of recycled materials.

For any further information or documentation, please do not hesitate to contact us through the email address info@ipcworldwide.com.

Our values

IPC stands out for its high flexibility in the design process and strong commitment to innovation and aims at constantly searching for new products and systems with a view to increasing productivity in the cleaning process.