Who we are

THE ITALIAN LAB manufactures and sells elements of street furniture and recycling containers.

Our products made with galvanized steel/stainless steel/CORTEN or UHPC are distinguished by the sophisticated design and outstanding quality, the range of street furniture includes: BENCHES, LITTER BINS, PLANTERS, BICYCLES RACKS, BOLLARDS, BARRIERS, DRINK FOUNTAINS, BUS / TRAM SHELTERS, BOARDS, while the production of containers for recycling consists in: RECYCLING BINS (airports, train stations, shopping centers, schools, government offices, parks), EXHAUSTED BATTERY CONTAINERS, EXPIRED MEDICINE, LAMPS AND WEEE.

Due to our inner staff of architects and designers, THE ITALIAN LAB offers its customers a design for public spaces, streets, squares and parks.

THE ITALIAN LAB is part of an industrial group, a strenghened one skilled in steel processing for over 18 years.

Thanks to over 8.000 square meters of floor area, more than 90 employees, the latest technology and highly qualified staff, we provides our customers with quality products, faster throughput and an excellent quality / price ratio.


Our technical office for design get behind the sales office in order to offer even customized products, that’s possible because of our tailored to needs product department.

Our values


is to be able to transform city streets and parks in pleasant lounges, offering quality products for unique design both HIGH QUALITY BRAND and MADE IN ITALY.


our production cycle is powered by a 9,000 square meters of solar paneling with a productiveness of 600 kw and thanks to 95% inner production we bring down CO2 emissions.