Jacco Maris Design

Who we are

Our company was founded in 1994, in the creative Southern Netherlands. Since that time, we have endeavoured to combine design and functionality in the form of unique lighting. To us, light is a source of emotion and we continually try to capture it in the perfect combination of forms and materials.

Making something out of nothing and creating maximum forms from minimal amounts of materials. This is the basic concept that underlies the creation of the light fixtures of Jacco Maris. These are unique objects that combine powerful and exciting looks with graceful harmony and subtle elegance, and which are skilfully and individually handcrafted in our own studio.

Stainless steel, black steel and brass are also distinctive elements that are used on their own or in combination. In this way, over the years, twelve remarkable lighting collections have been developed, each with its own recognisable character.

Because all light fittings are made by hand, Jacco Maris Design can, if desired, supplement its standard collections with bespoke work and special designs, incorporating the client’s specific wishes in every fine detail.

Our values

A wealth of talent
Our talented employees have a wealth of experience in materials knowledge, graphic design, interior design and technology. Each and every one of them is a persistent individual who never chooses the easy path. These people make Jacco Maris a personal, professional and creative company.

Crafted by hand
Our lights consist of intelligently designed metal forms, which we shape, bend and weld by hand. Every curve is carefully selected and precisely crafted to achieve the finest results. We seek the best solution for all technical elements to ensure that our designs are not only highly functional, but also serve as works of art.

Pure materials
We use pure and simple materials, forms and structures. They are the starting point for all that we create. We rarely follow trends and always look at the materials themselves, to discover how we can reshape, process and use them as optimally as possible. It is this method that enables us to create genuine style icons that blend the elegant and the industrial while adding value to the environment in which they are placed. This applies to both commercial and private commissions.

Down to the finest details
The quality of our designs is contained in the details: the apparent simplicity of complex forms, the use of colour and the finish of used materials, right down to the label. Each element expresses our passion for creating iconic products.

Making our contribution
We live in a consumer society in which product life cycles are decreasing. Interior objects are also increasingly being seen as temporary items that can quickly be replaced. We therefore create conscious designs and products that withstand the test of time as a result of their proven functionality and quality: products that can be handed down from generation to generation.

Obviously, we consider the impact that our production processes have on the environment and society. Our products are made of a range of glass and metals that are easily recyclable; in addition, we make particular use of locally produced, sustainable products: this is how we make our contribution.