Who we are

JSPR is a Dutch furniture and interior design brand based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Founded by Jasper van Grootel after graduating the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2005. Nowadays JSPR consists of a team of independent designers and a production team that forms the heart of the company. The designers are supported by a technical staff to make sure every product or project is realised to everybodies maximum satisfaction.

Specialising in large scale light fixtures with quirky lighting solutions and surprising designs. Each design is inspired by a different era and maintains a retrospective twist executed in modern materials and technology. Every design is infused with its own retrospective personality resulting in contemporary retro objects that bring a certain nostalgia to the viewer.

Besides the wide range of products offered by JSPR, we also offer custom solutions. The JSPR design and engineer team has realised a multitude of large custom lighting projects for major interior and exterior projects all around the world.

Our values

We offer high quality with an unexpected touch. Every design is infused with its own retrospective personality. This, combined with innovative materials results in a unique collection of products. Creativity combined with professional craftsmanship. That’s what JSPR represents.