Juno Spa & Wellness

Who we are

Tasarım Yapı Co. was born as a result of R&D works of a team who worked on the furniture sector until 1997. Tasarım Yapı(JUNO) which consolidate discipline of design and manufacture that comes from furniture with skill and high level handcrafting, have been manufacturing Saunas that approved of all around the World and Turkey with its brand Juno since 1997. Opportunity of Sauna Sector and possibility of Design made Juno Spa take shape into leading brand of this industry.

In course of time, Juno extended its variety of production such as wooden, marble metal, gfrp and also Juno became a solution partner of Spa requirements. Juno still keep operating with Its production and installation team that covers 60-70 people which are qualified and skilled in the areas of 2500 m² open area and 3000 m² closed area.

Juno which are leading distrubutorship of a lot of kind of brand, are offering architectural design, visualization and turnkey projects with highly experienced team as well as It find solutions for Spa centers that need all technical units.

Since 1997, Juno became preference from most prestigious Project in our country. Also Juno contribute to our economy with international projects. Juno proved its international experience with completed various projects in 29 different country and 4 continent.

Our values