Who we are

We are the manufacturers of Cement Tile based on Fine Arts Academy. Since 1990, we have been making production of encaustic cement-based tiles under the name of KAROISTANBUL.

As Karoistanbul, we reproduce handmade flooring and wall finishing, which are belong to all cultures in the World, by reuniting with their belongings of the universal basic art morals…

We add an aesthetical value to the unique, handmade and almost extinction tiles by compounding our atelier experience with the modern and visionary attitude of our designers. We get a successful result by evaluating the restoration tiles with our distinctive perspective and original machines, special glaze formula, stable color matching and handmade techniques.

All our cement tiles reserve their traditional handmade character in their quality. We provide specially prepared services for our clients. We can make production in any style, volume or dimension with our modern techniques.

We are glad for contributing to make this craft a focus of interest all over the World again, which is facing extinction except for a few small ateliers in Morocco and Vietnam after 1950.

Our values


Our presence around the world