Who we are

Kaunus is an exclusive brand which designs and creates unique piano and cello benches 100% MADE IN SPAIN.

Passion and vision, art made into functionality. From her talent and creativity, to her sensitivity and knowledge of the world of music, Zayda Jiménez is the creative force of each design, transformed into unique benches. Collection pieces.

Our values

We want to bring more beauty to the world, enhance its emotions and transport you to your most profound feelings. Each Kaunus piece has a unique personality and essence, a reflection of your own self, made into a piece of sublime art.

MAXIMUM EXCLUSIVITY: Each Kaunus piece is registered with a unique series number engraved on an identification plate under its seat, certified by the CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY signed by its creator.

TECHNOLOGY AND MODERNITY: Kaunus has exclusively developed its own height adjustment mechanism through gas spring. KHAS (Kaunus Height Adjustment System) guarantees a precise height setting through an innovative device which allows the precise position selected by each musician to be seen. A convenient and easy height adjustment to maintain the optimal posture on your bench.

TRADITIONAL PRODUCTION PROCESS MADE IN SPAIN: Every centimetre of a Kaunus piece is built with premium materials and finishes, which in addition to work by expert hands, result in pieces of unique beauty, function and precision. Kaunus is innovation, defiance and excitement.