Who we are

KREAL a company with original, advanced and creative solutions based on aluminium and wood, offering to users of all ages opportunities for enjoyable leisure, socialization and physical activity in the natural environment. Our solutions follow the principles of sustainable development and pursue the vision of the development of "smart cities".

Our mission is to give structure to areas with an original design of comprehensive services. The structure is tailored to the needs of the urban or rural environment and its inhabitants and to improve/increase (a healthy) quality of life, while the cities and places become appealing to their visitors - tourists.


The company's vision is to become a recognized provider of integrated solutions (services and equipment) for open public spaces in Europe and the world.


Improving the attractiveness and the quality of public spaces through creative planning of urban centres.

Solutions to promote socialization, learning and a healthy living quality for inhabitants and visitors.

Intergenerational Centres designed for creating conditions for an active life of everyone, integrated with the organization of education, cultural and sporting events, entertainment and play.

We provide unique solutions for eco-parks for health promotion activities and user learning.

Our values

Learning, playing, entertaining, gathering, recreation - for a healthy life.

Customer value represents an integrated solution for urban spaces constructed using sustainable materials, which ensure long-term reliability and low maintenance costs.

Ensuring the continuous development of the location, which offers socialization, spontaneous intergenerational socializing and information, which contribute to tolerance.

Upgraded offers for service providers for young, elderly, residents, tourists, visitors, etc.

The value for the user is reached through entertainment services, games, education and active socializing. Constant organising of events in the area is the domain of local associations or business entities that have a commercial interest in innovative upgrade of space and equipment with contents.

Kreal solutions represent an additional offer to citizens, residents or visitors, whereas individual solutions form the basis for further development of tourism, catering and other services.