Who we are

Porcelanosa’s most natural side has its own name: L'Antic Colonial

The quality of natural materials has always been one of the pillars in each of creations. They are functional and a perfect choice for creating natural and unique spaces and ambiances. Spaces for living and feeling.

L’Antic Colonial was born in 1999 under this premise. Nearly 20 years of history in which natural products such as stone, marble, slate or limestone, ceramics, mosaics, and wood become the indisputable stars in spaces seeking to make us feel at ease, in harmony, and living the true essence of each piece, each element, each corner.

To complete the existing demand, L'Antic Colonial and Porcelanosa also place a series of accessories such as washbasins, countertops, and bathroom cabinets in the front row, with which to offer comprehensive unique projects.

Our values

Natural hardwood floors are one of the most environmentally friendly options in the market. It is a renewable and sustainable product that is the best choice for an “eco-house”.
Natural wood is one of the most abundant materials in nature. A sustainable forest management allows the use of this raw material without having any impact on the environment.
At L’Antic Colonial we only use wood from sustainable forests. These are controlled forest areas where more trees are grown than are felled. This way, we ensure the constant creation of new green spaces, while at the same time we reduce the negative effect that carbon dioxide has on the atmosphere.

In addition, the manufacturing and installation processes for hardwood floors uses up much less power than any other building material.
Today, the popularity of natural hardwood floors has considerably increased, which has led to an increased consumption of this raw material. At the same time, the commitment to the environment from the companies producing these floors, has also been consolidated.
At L’Antic Colonial, we undertook that commitment from the very first day. The environmental certifications that our natural wood products have, prove it.