Who we are

Withstanding the test of time, leaving a mark :

The glass manufactory La Rochère was founded in 1475.From the very beginning, it was able to develop its activity, its techniques, its methods and its products, withstanding the test of time, and handing all of this down from generation to generation.
Today it is proud to be at your side, and to be connecting with you.

With its history and its carefully preserved know-howLa Rochère is today more than just a brand,
it is a treasure that has always been part of the history of French glassware. Thanks to its iconic products, La Rochère has made its mark throughout the passing ages, and remains today a timeless brand. It has also been awarded the label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant“.literally a ‘Living Heritage Company’.

Although it leaves a strong imprint in the everyday life it enhances with its Tableware as well as by its participation in grandiose architectural projects, La Rochère at the same time wishes to leave its mark as little as possible on the environment, that it endeavours to preserve.
Because we cannot withstand the test of time without protecting the future.

Attentive to practical requirements as well as to the aesthetic expectations of professionals and individuals alike, La Rochère shapes products that create emotions, whose inspiration will awaken sensibilities.

Hand-blown glass: Handcrafted by Master Glassmakers :

A work of know-how and patience, Glassmaking is a demanding art. Around 10 years of training are required before a craftsman can achieve a perfect mastery of tools and materials. No less than eight people are also needed to make a glass. These traditional skills are priceless and produce striking results. La Rochère is proud to keep up this rare historical activity, and to be able to help you discover our profession when you visit our site.

Pressed glass :

La Rochère has also diversified its activity, developing efficient mechanical production tools. Focusing on innovation and engineering, the company has reinvented itself over time to leave its mark in each era, as well as to withstand the test of time.

We now produce three types of glasses mechanically, each with a characteristic identity:

- Pressed glass

- Free-blown or mould-blown glass

- Centrifuged glass

Decorations :

Perfect control of our tools and manufacturing processes allows us to work on carefully designed patterns, pushing technical constraints to the limit.
We are thus able to give pride of place to full creativity, both for mechanically pressed glass, and for hand-made glassware.
In a continual search for the aesthetic, La Rochère uses all of its know-how to colour glass, in pursuit of the desired result.

Our values

A privileged setting, respect for the environment

La Rochère is a company that is totally committed. Conveyor of stories inspired by the past, we owe it to ourselves to look to the future. Because we are looking to pass on our enduring stories and values through our lasting actions.

Located deep in the forest, among the trees of the Haute Saône (70),where the arts of fire and earth were born, we are thus at the heart of a privileged environment. We are also committed to preserving nature, which is a source of inspiration in our glassmaking work.

Regulatory and solid environmental actions

Like many companies in France, the La Rochère Glassworks is subject to the regulations covering installations classified for the protection of the environment for all of its activities at its production site. As such, it produces an annual environmental report. The results are then sent to the supervising authorities.

In order to affirm its commitment, La Rochère joined theProgrès Environnement Entreprises (P2E) association in 2006. This local association of companies, enables each member to benefit from advice and strategy on the industrial environment, thanks to the intervention of an environmental engineer.

Renewed strategies

Our industrial strategy takes fully into account the environmental component of our production. Constantly in search of improvement, we therefore favour electrical energy for glass melting. The gradual abandonment of fossil fuels allows us to make significant progress.

Our CO² emissions in particular are below the limit established by the Kyoto protocol. We also take care to ensuretheir continued reduction. We also optimise the use of natural gas in an oxygen-gas furnace, which provides the best combustion efficiency.

Total commitment, implementing all solutions

La Rochère researches and implements all possible improvements to preserve our resources. For example, we recover the calories used to heat offices and certain workshops, which limits our domestic fuel consumption.

Furthermore, another industrial choice has been to eliminate the chemical etching of glass. This decision had the effect of contributing to a reduction in our water consumption but, above all, of considerably reducing the risks of water pollution, whether by incident or accident. Consequently, La Rochère is proud to announce a record rate of zero industrial discharges into water.

On the other hand, being creators of a sustainable material, we are actively working to reduce waste. We therefore recycle most of the white glassin our own installations. Other waste is systematically sorted, and 85% is sent to recycling channels.