Who we are

Finland-based Lappset Group Oy is one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of playground and fitness park equipment, park and street furniture as well as themed activity attractions. The Group's division of themed attractions, Lappset Creative, has supplied numerous indoor and outdoor family entertainment centers to different parts of the world in collaboration with worldwide brands, such as Mattel Inc.

Lappset's collection of playground solutions comprises modular and combinable sets of playground equipment to childeren of all ages. Scandinavian design language with a great variety of colours is significant to Lappset's ranges. Modern sets of outdoor gym and fitness equipment for outdoor exercise parks include disciplines like parkour, street workout (calisthenics) and body weight exercise.

Lappset provides also exercise equipment for active ageing (Senior Sport) and inclusive play.

In development of interactive play and sport solutions, Lappset has always been a forerunner. Today, the range includes several products for interactive play and sports for indoor and outdoor use.

All products are designed, manufactured and installed in compliance with current European safety norms for play and outdoor sports equipment.

Lappset Group is made up of the parent company and subsidiaries in China, Estonia, France, Germany, the Netherlands (Yalp), Sweden, the UK and the US.

Lappset has factories in three countries. Wooden products are manufactured in Rovaniemi, and the metallic components and product ranges are produced at Lappset Estonia Oü’s factory in Tallinn. Meanwhile, the majority of park and street furniture in Lappset Sweden AB’s factory is in Enköping.

Lappset has got everything you need to design an individual, safe and functional playground or an outdoor fitness park to your client.

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Our values

Growth is our passion. | Responsibility is in our DNA. | Respect and motivate. | Success is our pleasure. |