Who we are

With more than 10 years of existence and its roots in the North of Portugal, Laskasas is an interior design brand specialized in furniture manufacture, upholstery, and metal work. With a long lasting expertise in the area, Laskasas designs produces and sells elegant, contemporary and quality furniture pieces to the four corners of the world.

Always looking for improvements to ensure that its clients’ dreams come true, Laskasas has been spreading its charm in many dreamy home decorations since its creation. With a vast offer of finishes from veneers to lacquered colors, combined with quality fabrics, there are no limits to Laskasas. Since the very first steps to the final result, Laskasas can customize every single detail according to its clients’ wishes.

Betting on a multidisciplinary and specialized team, Laskasas offers solutions to the rising needs in the conceptualization of public and private spaces. Laskasas has a factory in Paredes, where Portuguese furniture manufacture expertise was born during the medieval period.

Since that time, iconic and meaningful furniture pieces highlighting Portuguese history and customs have been produced and sell to every part of the world, leaving the Portuguese hallmark worldwide. Laskasas innovates and is continuously evolving to have a bright future as its client’s home.

Our values

At Laskasas each client, space or project is unique. Laskasas team strives every day to ensure the clients’ satisfaction. Through the design and production of unique, elegant and modern furniture pieces, complemented by the use of selected finishes, Laskasas allows its clients’ to create distinctive home environments that will make their dreams come true.

Passion – Laskasas team is passionate about what they do. With their love and dedication to Laskasas, it offers the highest quality level and service to its customers, and thus form lasting relationships with them.

Excellence – Laskasas strives every day to meet all of its clients’ needs and create unique and dreamy interior spaces. Laskasas team focus in giving each client a personalized treatment with all the assistance needed,

in the present and in the future.

Sustainability – Laskasas motto is Decorate Life. Therefore, Laskasas frequently invests in social projects to proportionate some families a better way of living.

Our presence around the world