LiftingItalia - AreaLift

Who we are

AREALIFT and LIFTINGITALIA are companies specialized in the design and production of devices that allow people to overcome up to 20 meters in height.

Our homelifts and lifting platforms, thought for the elderly or for people with disabilities, are the ideal solutions for overcoming architectural barriers, stairs and gradients both in domestic and public places.

Our residential elevators are functional and comfortable and allow you to move comfortably and in complete autonomy both inside and outside the building.

AREALIFT and LIFTINGITALIA proposals are specifically designed to overcome the architectural barriers and allow the vertical movement through different floors. Our products avoid or limit the masonry works that create inconvenience to our customers. Versatile and compact, they are the ideal solutions for indoor and outdoor installations, pentahouses and all the situations that require minimum space and low impact to the building.



Our values

Made in Italy

What makes us unique is the Italian style and the attention to quality which comes from our history as a manufacturing company.

We were born and are still based in Parma, a town that has given the world well known culinary and artistic excellences; we are offering our competence and Italian roots to the rest of the world.