Lightnet GmbH

Who we are

Lightnet designs and produces professional architectural lighting. More than 450 employees at five locations are united by the goal of inspiring their customers. With lighting solutions that convince aesthetically and technologically. We have a global presence, thanks to over 40 of our own sales organisations. Numerous international projects with renowned architects and lighting planners are an expression of our lighting competence.

Our values

The entire Lightnet collection is characterized by a systematic and convertible variety of shapes and enables high degrees of freedom for the creative lighting design. Although our product families have a different design vocabulary all is based on and overall stringent programme with a consistent concept.

In our high-tech production industry 4.0 is not a marketing buzzword, it is reality. Each product is unique and configured in a complex production process according to customer requirements, feature by feature. Details like style, proportion, surface, optics and colour temperature are matched to each other across all collections, so it is possible to combine any products with each other. In addition to all these options, you also have completely custom-made solutions at your disposal. Such a range of customized options is unique in the market.

Furthermore you create the look of your Lightnet luminaire choosing one of our versitile surface designs: 24 selected colours, designs and structures, such as wood, metal, carbon, concrete, and leather. Additionally RAL and NCS colours are available according to your taste.