Who we are

Imagine a company capable of creating lighting design solutions that are completely tailor-made for your projects. A revolutionary knowledge of led technology to guarantee quality, sustainability and efficiency in any situation. A single group consisting of specialised departments to respond to your project's every need. At a time where ideas are restrained by the logic of production and uniformity, Linea Light Group has, over the years, succeeded in developing an approach in the market aimed at breathing new life into the imagination and restoring the power of creativity to the designer in any way and by any means. The company's success in the world of lighting is founded on real values that make all the difference: experience and innovation; international vision and typically italian design and avant-garde technology combined with handcrafted precision. Their philosophy addresses the complexities of the world we live in in order to research, develop and create solutions far from the everyday and in perfect harmony with architecture, nature and people.

Our values

Worldwide availability with personalised and punctual service

Linea Light Group is a unique group specialised in a diverse range of domains within the world of lighting. It is independent yet coordinated at the same time. Its formula allows for the creation of complete, unique solutions in any given context: from integrated systems for large residential or public buildings to outdoors or underwater lighting; from home environments to commercial, industrial, institutional or public spaces. Linea Light Group stands out thanks to a market approach that is attentive to specific requirements and to the demands of local partners. Its “think global, act local” vision focusses on making connections between different areas and on managing services from a shorter distance.

Today, Linea Light Group is a company with a strong international presence and an extensive network: wherever their projects may take them, their partners will be right by their side.