Lo Scalino

Who we are

Lo Scalino: non-slip solutions for stairs, floors, gratings and pool edges. Safety and health protection

During my thirty years of experience in the ceramics sector, I felt the need to make environments safer, both private and public. This is how Lo Scalino was born, a company that aims first and foremost to protect people from possible falls, then to bring stairways and walkway plans up to standard according to regulations.

In particular I designed the product shown here, the anti-slip clips for gratings, an economical but effective solution to avoid slipping on grilled floors and stairs, made dangerous by water, snow, ice, or oily substances.

Since 1996 I have been involved in research and development of tactile paths for blind and visually impaired people, made of various materials: porcelain stoneware strips, rubber strips, wood and PVC; in particular I designed a signage composed of tactile stoneware discs, to be applied more easily in areas with uneven flooring, but ideal in any urban public context.

Combining my work with a deep passion for sport I found that the edges of the pools are often slippery, so I thought of extending the offer of innovative pool edges made of a particular soft and colored rubber that is clearly visible and structured to cushion the fall and stabilize the grip.

Through my design and implementation of anti-slip ideas I hope to make your life and that of your children safer with simple, effective and lasting solutions. For any question or requirement concerning the safety of the stairs, do not hesitate to contact me or come to my showroom in Savignano sul Panaro, in the province of Modena, Italy.

Gianni Pastorelli

Our values

Lo Scalino srl operates in the sector of anti-slip products for stairs, floors, gratings and pool edges. The values that inspire and animate our business are the safety and protection of the health of citizens, both in public and private environments, following current regulations, reliability and seriousness in contact with the customer, in the sales process and in assistance after-sales.

Our products are born from the constructive collaboration of the safety managers of the most important industrial groups, therefore tested in heavy traffic environments, transferred to civil environments united with the inventiveness of the company owner, Gianni Pastorelli, who has been involved in the security sector for years.