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Who we are

Longobardi Stone markets a wide range of stone products from quarries located in different regions of Italy and the world.

Our presence in the quarries is constant, we personally go to the most important extraction areas in Italy such as: Trentino Alto Adige, Carrara, Trani, Cuneo, Lavagna, Catania, Verona and many others.

We carry out continuous quality controls to guarantee the best products on the market, the relationships with our suppliers are of extreme trust and of large volume so as to have exclusive prices that allow us to offer advantageous quotes for our customers.

We import natural stones directly from a plurality of countries in Europe and in the world such as: Brazil, India, Vietnam, China, Germany, Greece, Turkey, France, Albania and others.

Our ideal logistic position allows us to reduce the transport costs considering, also, the proximity to the port of Naples.

Our values

Longobardi Stone is a trademark of Longobardi Porfidi srl.

A family company, Longobardi Porfidi was born over 40 years ago as a distributor of porphyry in the region and over time it has become a reference point to such an extent that it cannot be considered a simple trading company as a partnership holder. at quarries located in different regions of the world.

The strengths of Longobardi Porfidi are:
• An assortment of the largest in the sector, the company boasts more than 30 types of stones with more than 200 processes available, thus seeking to provide the maximum customer service in terms of stocks and delivery times.
• A sales network among the most widespread and effective. The company collaborates with serious professionals capable of finding the best solutions to the needs of constantly evolving customers.

Longobardi Porfidi… seriousness and competence!