LUG Light Factory

Who we are

LUG is the leading manufacturer of professional luminaires and lighting systems which are characterized by high technical parameters, energy-efficiency and state-of-the art design on the international level. 

LUG has got 28 years of experience on the professional luminaire market. Depending on the client’s needs, the customization process covers: minimal corrections to existing luminaires, as well as the design of completely new products. This shows, that LUG is not just a manufacturer, but primarily a supplier of lighting solutions.

LUG is a global brand. LUG solutions illuminate the interiors of buildings in over 60 countries worldwide.

LUG has its own research and development infrastructure and luminaire laboratory. LUG offers optimal adjustment of the intensity of light to the needs, providing a balance between quality of light and energy efficiency. Thanks to the high quality of its products LUG is recommended partner of international manufacturers like Philips and OSRAM.

The new office building, warehouse and new spaces for production set up new opportunities for growth. 
In March 2013 LUG began development of a new plant, which became the location for a modern production line of LED components. Dated August 8, 2013 was made ​​the first plate LED.

Currently LUG is a strong capital group comprised of the companies LUG S.A., LUG Light Factory Sp. z o.o., LUG GmbH, LUG Lighting UK Ltd., LUG do Brasil Artigos de iluminacao Ltda., TOW LUG Ukraina and Sales representative offices in Paris and Dubai.

Our values

The future of LUG is based on five pillars which will allow the company to continue the path of technological development within clearly defined markets. All of our goals are supported by the idea of development based on the rules of energy-efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. Thanks to the FLASH&DQ brand, LUG also managed enter the segment of high quality design by offering Designers and Architects solutions which allow the realization of even the most creative visions.


Every day carrying out our work we participate in realizing the mission of LUG. Every action – from the most ordinary and routine ones, to the creation of new and innovative solutions – is like a brick which forms the part of our company’s success. Our goal is very simple – the needs and satisfaction of our Clients comes first. To be the preferred supplier of professional lighting products through offering our Clients comprehensive, energy-efficient and visually attractive solutions which create a better environment to work and live in.

Since the dawn of the LUG company’s existence, its actions were based on understanding the needs of clients and delivering solutions which meet their requirements. Our experienced sales force reach and provide services to clients in over 60 markets around the world, and the company itself has branches in Poland, Germany, Ukraine, France, Great Britain, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil. Thanks to widespread co-operation and a network of business partners LUG products are able to reach nearly every part of the world.

LUG philosophy in cooperation with the Client:

- We specialize in the production of professional lighting systems

- We provide the highest quality of our products

- We understand business and technology needs of our clients

- Our lighting solutions are functional, ergonomic, efficient and ecological

- We are ready for customization of our products

- We support clients at every stage of the project

LUG Company has gained a strong market position during over 27 years of its operation – we’re constantly working on it by use of our resources – knowledge and talent of our engineers, own machine park, but also thanks to partnership and connections with best trading partners in the world - suppliers of components and solutions for lighting sector. Synergy of our knowledge and long-term cooperation is the key to our success on the lighting market – for the good and satisfaction of our clients.

Our presence around the world