Who we are

It’s about each special day in a child's life. Do you remember yourself small? You always had to ask someone for help. Then you needed to wait for someone. Mom… Dad… It seemed like the time has stopped. So boring...
The author of the idea of our first product, the Luu-Table, is a Montessori educator who wanted to make her child's most favourite play available also in winter - she likes sandbox. Since our own daughter was very fascinated by the blackboard, we also added it. Complementing the table with a Clear Acrylic board inspired to even greater expressions of imagination. Added another bit of past vintage touch and natural material fresh pragmatism... Table provided an opportunity together with family or friends get involved in self-invented games, creating an adventurous spirit and interesting children's works of art.
Luula is a family business. Inga is a developmental psychologist and designer, that creates furniture design according to the needs of children's developmental activities. Kalvis takes care of the technical implementation of these ideas. These ideas are brought to life in a new, FSC certified fast-growing factory in Europe, Latvia. Natural, 16 mm thick certified northern Europe birch plywood and material piercing fasteners provide stability and durability during the most daring activities of the new generation. Currently the collection is being expanded, new, original furniture is being added.

Our values

The original design of Luula's children's furniture is based on the guiding principles of Montessori pedagogy. Easy accessible objects in an accessible place suitable for the child's physiological needs and the storage place of various materials allows the child to plan activities independently. It is for toddlers to give an idea of the world around them from their own experience. And even more ideas - sandbox indoors - when it's cold and rainy outside! Compact, comfortable, natural and exciting - children's individual space with Luulas furniture.
Our core values are to provide the child with developmental opportunities with maximum accuracy and safety. Our furniture are designed according to the EU safety standards. Using the computer numerically controlled technology very high accuracy is achieved. CNC also provides the opportunity to minimize material waste ensuring sustainable production.
Therefore our collection is based on the wishes of children and the needs of parents. Parents dream of a creative young generation in a beautiful and tidy house. Children long for independent creation and revealing secrets. Just be yourself - this is the time to create your own adventures! Enjoy it!