M&T 1997, a.s.

Who we are


M&T is a Czech family manufactory with 25 years of experience producing custom design door and window hardware.

M&T has its own distinctive approach with brand advantages: Production design series made of solid brass, our high-tech equipment but also a lot of manual work, with constant innovation and precise solutions for all product details. We are based on traditional Czech production, which enables us to develop expert construction solutions and new production and technological processes, and to create innovative design - and all under one brand: M&T

125,000 complete sets produced by M&T in 1 year
5460 complete products by M&T
472 handle models at M&T
55 You can find M&T in 55 countries
154 utility models and patents from M&T
3 RED DOT AWARDS + Awards from Australia Good Design
2 TOP MATERIALS FOR M&T HANDLES - solid brass and quality stainless steel
1 Manufacturer with production in the Czech Republic and world leader in surface surface


At the beginning they were three brothers - athletes with a strong will and clear vision to go their own ways. The company was established in 1997 to develop, manufacture and place on the market constant new design, structural and technologically unique products. These targets are gradually implemented in the design line of handles DESIGN 2000 with a titanium surface TiN in several shades DESIGN 2004, with the first real design angular handle Entero Europe, DESIGN 2006 series handles, which became the model for most manufacturers fittings of all continents DESIGN 2009 with innovative surfaces and materials, DESIGN 2011 with the new assembly and dimensional structures, DESIGN 2013 with series handles Minimal / Maximal award-winning the RED DOT, which confirmed the right way and became also a challenge for more and more collection of handles. Hereby, we can be proudly connect to the products with our brand M&T coming from the Czech design manufacture produced door handles.

Our values


We prepared an innovative door control system without handle, without lock, without any electronics. We incorporated series of very strong magnets into Magnetic and placed them in the door frame and opposite into the door leaf we placed a block from magnetic stainless steel. When the door is closed, the two parts approach each other and ensure a smooth, perfect closing by the magnetic force. The system is primarily prepared for interior doors, thanks to the possibility of simple fine regulation of the force of the magnets when closing the door, it provides an unxpectecd added vallue for its users. Magnetic reliably controls and closes the door but does not lock. For the purposes of complete locking, we prepared mini locks with a WC/bathroom option and a secure lock with a cylinder.
The patented M&T magnetic system is essential in its reliability and control comfort, it requires no maintenance and service and it is a pleasure to use it daily.

For the system Magnetic we received an international desing award Red dot, in our case twice... that means double Red dot for pull handle YES! and pull handle Konzerva 220.


Our presence around the world