Who we are

MAFIROL Group develops its activity in the development, production, commercialization, installation and pos-sale service of equipments for the exposition and sale of a wide range of products, especially in the food distribution and hotel trading. Occupying an approximate covered area of 30000 m2, MAFIROL creates more than 300 direct jobs.

Founded in 1965, in Águeda, Mafirol - Indústria de Equipamentos, SA was the first manufacturing unit and dedicates to the development and production of metallic shelving, check-outs, furniture in stainless steel and a set of display devices for the most diverse purposes. With a diversified offer, it presents solutions not only for the food distribution but also for the specialized retail, in areas such as textiles, footwear, bookstores, electrical appliances, DIY, para-pharmacies,... National leader in the metallic shelving, Mafirol is ready to answer to the most diverse demands of the market, offering integrated solutions that combine the modern design with the adaptability, sturdiness and easy assembly.

In 1978 the second manufacturing unit, Mafirol - Indústria de Refrigeração, SA, was created and it dedicates to the conception and production of refrigerated equipments for the food distribution and horeca. This unit is one of the main national producers, exporting about 70% of its production and being present in more than 30 countries through partnerships with local distributors and installers who know well the specifications and needs of their markets.

Counting on a large experience, MAFIROL Group is today synonym of a dynamic management, prosecuting a policy of a constant anticipation to the expectations and needs of the market and making innovation and quality concepts that determine its daily actuation.

Our values

"There are people who see things and say, ‘why?' But there are also people who dream things that never were and say, ‘why not?'"
(Bernard Shaw)

Our culture is the result of a constant learning with all our business partners.

Demanding, as the markets where we are present in;
Flexible, but rigorous in the fulfilment of predetermined terms, costs and specifications;
Strict, without being harsh or sour;
Searching for collaboration, without necessity of debasement or flattery;
Hardworking, without compromising health, security or the environment;
Searching for quality, without folding the arms, because we know that today is the day to improve and tomorrow is the day to keep on doing it.

That is the atmosphere we breathe. In short, we try to build a positive attitude of a constant challenge towards our own limitations and external constraints. Will we be beyond what it is normal? "Why not?"