Magnatag Visible Systems

Who we are

Magnatag® Visible Systems designs, manufactures, and distributes over 2,300 field proven, magnetic, write-on, printed steel whiteboard systems that come complete with everything needed to operate them including magnets and accessories. For over 45 years, Magnatag has worked directly with managers in the United States and Canada developing ready-to-use problem-solving, planning, scheduling and information-sharing whiteboard kits to help show what's happening in an organization’s daily operations. Magnatag users include business executives, manufacturing and production supervisors, hospital administrators, military commanders, school and college administrators and institutional officials.

Magnatag’s whiteboard systems are sold factory-direct, quickly shipped, and guaranteed with a full 30 day money-back return policy (except for custom-printed boards). No questions asked.

Please contact the Magnatag Visible Systems design team at 800.624.4154 for assistance in selecting or designing a general or custom whiteboard system. No obligation.

Our values


We take great effort in making sure that our products leave our factory in the highest quality condition. We put as much attention and money into the back of our boards as we do the front. It’s the tiny details that build a world-class brand that people can trust to provide quality. Whether we’re building a web page, processing an order, building a product or managing inventory, every detail should be tackled with pride and an attention to quality.


When we make a promise to a customer, we do everything in our power to make sure we deliver on that promise—regardless of whether it’s a rush order or a unique request. We believe that when you make a commitment, you should see it through to completion. We only make commitments when we know we can meet them.


Innovation is the most important element in any growing company. We have always been innovative when it comes to providing products and solutions to our customers, and we have no intention of ever stopping. At the foundation of every one of our products, there is someone asking why. We encourage our employees to seek answers to questions, push their creative limits and challenge the way we solve problems.