Magnus Olesen

Who we are

Magnus Olesen A/S develops and manufactures high quality furniture in cooperation with today’s leading designers and architects..

Functional & unique

The result is a functional, aesthetic and unique design that enhances the spaces where it’s placed – no matter whether it’s in smaller interiors or for large conceptual architectural and design purposes.


The company was founded in 1937 by Magnus Olesen and today it’s a well-reputed furniture company, developing and manufacturing functional seating furniture with matching tables of a high design quality.

Our values

Sustainability and durability

The environment and working conditions are important issues to us which is why we have defined a prominent CSR strategy. (Corporate Social Responsability).

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy is based on the virtues and thoughts formulated by many of the classic Danish furniture designers for their furniture. Like i.a. Børge Mogensen who created industrially-manufactured quality furniture based on Danish wood species, the goal of Magnus Olesen is also to manufacture quality furniture based on readily available raw materials.

We believe in the good Danish craftsmanship and have manufactured in Denmark ever since 1937. We build furniture in our own factory in Durup, where raw materials or semi-finished products are transformed into chairs, tables and conference furniture. When purchasing semi-finished products we always ensure that the suppliers comply with our procurement rules with respect to production, the environment and employee relations.

We at Magnus Olesen have chosen to take responsibility ourselves for the major part of the production in order to ensure optimum conditions for the employees involved. The average length of an MO employee’s service is 15 years and average sickness absence is mere 1.1%.

All our products are tested in accordance with the strictest environmental and quality standards which is part of the way we ensure that the furniture are high quality products with an extremely long life – to the benefit of both users and the environment. Over time a large part of our chairs is sent back to the factory for reupholstering and are returned almost as good as new to our customers.
Since 1990, Magnus Olesen has developed Green Accounts, used for measuring the environmental impact.


to manufacture functional design furniture with a high quality

to continue developing a coherent concept with long durability

to cooperate with the best architects and designers

to achieve the highest quality and durability possible by using the best materials and most updated construction principles available

to meet as many requirements on function and quality as possible, demanded by the consumers and authorities

to take due consideration to both the internal work environment as well as the external environment when choosing materials and production process

that all products meet the requirements of Danish Furnituremakers’ Quality Control to normal and severe contract use