Who we are

Eurotecno Group, owner of the brand MAIOR, designs and manufactures television lifts and mounts for the residential and the commercial.
Maior is passion, excellence and love for beautiful thing combined to experience in the mechanics.

The Company was established in 1998 by the will of the founding members to make flourish the manufacturing business in the middle of Romagna region, Faenza. The main object was both to create new business and employment opportunities and, furthermore, to develop a new line of products able to awaken emotions: Maior, indeed.

Our values

The staff is composed of 16 roles, who perform different tasks such as design, manufacturing, assembling, testing, marketing, administration and logistics; any of them has his role within the Company based on a careful analysis and recruitment; any task to the right professional figure has been assigned, taking into high consideration their personal aptitudes and skills, with the aim of building a people-oriented Company where, consequently, we may enjoy a pleasant, productive and satisfying environment allowing everyone to do their best in term of creativity, reliability and technical competences.

This is Maior world, the one we'd love You to live in, experiencing the emotions our devices bring along, elevating and perfecting Your house and Your life.