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Who we are

Julie Storm is a trained industrial designer from The Danish Design School and has won many international design awards such as Green Good Design Award and latest Good Design Award for her small childrens table "Squid".

Julie is deeply absorbed in the interaction between material and shape and the double-curved line is almost always to be found in her creations.

“The shapes are supposed to have their own sensuality and life. And a bit of humour and joie de vivre should be represented, too. At the same time good design is relevant, functional and practical. A design is good when the idiom is no longer private, but steps out and becomes a story in itself.”

Our values

Product Awards

2019 Good Design Award, “Squid Table Small”

2013 Green Good Design Award, “Scoop Light”

2011 The Engineer's Product Award Nominee, “Scoop Light”

2010 Designpreis Deutschland Nominee, the cutting board “Kite”
Designpreis Deutschland Nominee Gold, the cutting board “Kite”

2009 IF Product Design Award, the cutting board “Kite”

2008 Red Dot Design Award, the cutting board “Kite”
Design PLUS Award, the cutting board “Kite”
IDEA – International Design Excellence Award ´08 Bronze

2007 Red Dot Design Award, the flowerpot “Storm”
Grand Award nominee, the flowerpot “Storm”

2006 IF Award nominee, the flowerpot “Storm”
Exhibition Design and Craft Biennial, Trapholt Denmark, the flowerpot “Storm”

2005 Formland Award nominee, the flowerpot “Storm”

Manga & the environment

Every year we buy trees in vulnerable areas around the world equivalent to the level of CO2 emitted during production of our products. We support Trees for the Future which is an organization striving to break the cycle of poverty and hunger by planting trees in forest gardens.
Manga is a member of Ocean Plastic Forum, where we work to remove plastic waste from the oceans. The Ocean Plastic Forum is working towards collecting plastic from the ocean, rivers, seashores, harbours and waters globally. The aim is to improve the environment in the aquatic sphere. The aim is also to cycle the recovered plastic as high as possible in the value chain with the largest possible plastic quantities recycled into new products.
Julie Storm, the owner of Manga, has recieved Green Good Design Award for her product Scoop Light. The Award identifies and highlights the world’s most important examples of sustainable design and develops an awareness with the public about which companies are doing the best work in sustainable design for the world’s environment.

We support

Trees for the future

Ocean Plastic Forum

The Ocean Cleanup

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