Who we are

Passion for design

The story goes back to 2012 – actually, even further than that - but this was the year when Tauri Mae and Mari Saarepera’s love of design led them to start a company. Their studio was the product of an unlikely collaboration between two contrasting minds. Engineer Tauri and artist Mari connected over a shared passion for design. What ensued was a journey in which they would learn to work together; Tauri’s naturally logical and practical outlook blending seamlessly with Mari’s artistic instinct. The result is the design studio in which Mari Lights was born.

Before Mari Lights was founded, Tauri worked as a fabricator and was soon promoted to engineer, gaining a deep understanding of product development and production methods along the way. This gave him a hands-on attitude for whatever he works on. Creative partner Mari, who leads the design processes, ensures there’s never a compromise on style. After studying as a blacksmith, Mari pursued a degree in jewellery and blacksmithing at art University, where she honed her skills and perfected her craft.

The fusion of the unexpected

Evident in Mari Lights’ products is the harmony between their two creators, whose differing backgrounds and mentalities unite to form the perfect pairing. The contrast of carefully engineered industrial materials and refined design used in the creation of their products echoes the differences between Tauri and Mari themselves. In essence, the Mari Lights brand is a dynamic fusion of the unexpected, just like the partnership between its creators.

Our values

Designed for life

Mari Lights is dedicated to the creation of contemporary lighting, designed and produced with a mid-century mindset where longevity is key. Combining engineering with art and using both traditional and innovative technologies, Mari Lights produces visually striking, conceptual designs with minimalist character. Their pieces are produced by artisans with an astounding level of skill and attention to detail. Mari Lights are committed to perfecting the finer details. The precision of these small details embedded within simple, graphic forms results in the luxury, desirable products they’re known for.