Who we are

Martini is a story of passion. It's the story of a typical Italian business founded in 1965 in a small workshop by dedicated craftsmen in the furniture district of Verona. The company distinguished itself immediately for the real sophistication of the finest raw materials and for the quality linked to a strictly monitored process. They started with kitchen cabinetry and ten years later expanded our production to include living rooms and bedrooms with complete sets of matching pieces to be combined at will: the market was complicated, but rich in opportunities.

The specialization in interiors made to measure led them, in a very short time, to become leaders in the sector of high level classical furniture. The production is flexible and this enables them to be the sole source of supply for the most prestigious homes in the world.

Skill, service, tradition and innovation: Martini is constantly in search of new areas in which to expand, and that's where the daughters come it, the second generation of the Martini company. They made a remarkable step forward: internationalization: the total home furnishings began to be exported all over the world. But that's not all… They started collaborating with international studios specialized in architecture and interior design, which welcomed our increasingly ambitious projects.

Since 2005 the total living concept has become more concrete and tangible then ever: the expansion of the product range, new catalogues, always with the focus on meeting the taste of the most discriminating, attentive, sophisticated and knowledgeable customers.

Faithful to the principles of tailored options and customization, Martini has extended the sphere of operations to the residential contract sector. This has made them even more ductile, flexible and capable of satisfying every furnishing need.

2018 is the year of the new showroom’s opening in the heart of Verona where the commercial area is, meanwhile 2019 sees the opening of a new headquarter of the company, in Bovolone, in the province of Verona. About 6000 square meters, divided into two floors in the front: at the back of the building is the warehouse and in front, on the ground floor, the design and administrative offices. In addition to these spaces, there is a meeting room, a kitchen for employees and a warehouse dedicated to catalogs and samples. The five-year objective is the complete construction of the area, so that production can also be moved there.

Our values


High quality raw materials and refined processing methods: Martini's style is synonymous with timeless luxury. Strictly Italian.


Martini performs detailed inspections at every stage of processing, in which high craftsmanship merges with functional, flexible technology.


Precision, constant control and attention to the smallest detail ensure that every creation is a unique experience, expression of the finest craftsmanship and absolute distinction. Direct relations with the interior designer, Customization is the theme that runs through all the Martini creations: every interior can be conceived like a tailor-made outfit, thanks to the skillful application of craftsmanship and raw materials, excellence of service able to satisfy any demand and the knowledge that combines tradition and modernity.


In turning an empty house into a place where life unfolds, Martini follows this procedure: first, expert personnel take all the measurements then, in constant contact with the client, they prepare drawings and submit proposals of materials, draft the general project and prepare the executive version with specifications, shipment, assembly and installation, including after-sales service.