Who we are

More than 2 decades ago, MDD was born with the objective of bringing a fresh breeze to the office furniture sector. Our thrill and eagerness overcame our initial fears and led us to the present day where our company has become one of the main references in the European office furniture sector. While designing, our products exceed our goals expectations since we add the perfect mixture of design, practicality and ergonomics along with the highest quality standards. Throughout the years, it has had a stunning reception from our partners and clients, whom as they are an essential part of MDD’s family, we proudly like to consider our friends. To keep this long-term friendship, we appreciate and take into account all their remarks and comments. We are always open to our friends’ ideas to fulfill their specific needs and requirements.

The abovementioned flexibility, our committed and friendly international customer service and our constant positive approach to work, have also been pointed out by all our friends around the globe as some of our strengths. Currently our products have achieved a reputed prestige in Europe, GCC-countries and the USA, where we are also established in New jersey which allows our effective logistics department to ship worldwide. Welcome to our family !

Our values