Who we are

History of Matsuso Co., Ltd.
It began in 1855, Matsuso Co., Ltd. started manufacturing furniture. Since then, we continue making genuine furniture that will last for many generations. From the 1960’s, we started to produce high standard fine handcrafting furniture.
“Sashimono” is a Japanese traditional technique, which woodworking joinery is done by wood pieces only or the”kumiki” method, without using nails and metal fittings. With this special skill, high class Paulownia Japanese wardrobe and chest of drawers are produced. In the 1970’s, we applied the same “Sashimono” technique into other products, mainly for dining furniture set and wooden cabinet making. Today, it had placed us in the position as one of the top high end furniture manufacturer in Japan.

Philosophy of furniture making
Our philosophy of making furniture is “to provide genuine products that could be used for the next generation or many more generations to come.” To do this, from the procurement of raw wood, natural drying, lumbering to processing work all are managed and controlled within the company. The characteristic of Matsuso’s furniture is its “beauty of curve”. For example, the frame or the curvy line of a chair is not done by bending the wood. It is cut, planed and shaped from a big piece of solid wood. This technique will bring out the advantage of the rigidity of the original piece of wood. This will produce a very strong frame finishing. To produce this beautiful lines, each of our craftsmen hold a set of tools of their own. All planes are custom made by themselves to match with the furniture that they themselves only know that is good for. For the prototype product, it starts from our development department, based on the drawings, our craftsmen will carry out many trials until it completes with success and satisfaction.

Our values

The beginning of MEETEE
In 2013, together with a long established company Takahashi Kougei Co., Ltd, MEETEE was launched as a new brand from Fuchu city, Hiroshima Prefecture.
The craftsmanship and good commitment that have been cultivated in our long history, incorporating with the designs of global standards by first class designers, an innovative new brand MEETEE is born to present to the world. The “kumiki” wood joining technique is strongly implemented in MEETEE products that are finely produced by our skillful craftsmen. Our artisan gives the designer's sensibility and its beautiful design into form.

“Always making genuine furniture able to use for the next generation”
This philosophy will remain in MEETEE forever.

Our presence around the world