Who we are

Mermet, designer of technical fabrics for solar protection.

For more than 65 years, Mermet has been designing and manufacturing hi-tech fabrics to provide visual and thermal comfort to building occupants. By controlling the effect the sun exerts, Mermet® fabrics used in external blinds or in internal blinds have a dual effect:

- on energy consumption by reducing the use of heating, air conditioning and lighting;

- on comfort and well-being; light and temperature control in winter/summer, aesthetics…

Compliant with the EN 14501 standard, Mermet® fabrics are suitable for the bio-climatic facades of low-energy or HEQ buildings and meet the requirements of RT 2012 thermal regulations in France as well as international. They make it possible to drastically reduce the energy consumed by buildings (lighting, air conditioning and heat). They play a major role in the ability to obtain credits for eco-efficient or eco-design building certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, Passiv Haus.

Our values

We are a designer and manufacturer of high performance technical fabrics to equip all types of solar protection blinds. Our role is to provide safety and thermal & optical comfort, and to optimise energy consumption in buildings. Whether on the interior or exterior, complete blackout or fully transparent, we offer numerous insulating fabric solutions to meet the demands of all solar protection projects.

Located in France, we have 85% of our sales achieved abroad.

Our presence around the world