Mikodam LLC

Who we are

Mikodam is a high end acoustic wall panels brand. Mikodam, carries a half-century legacy of experience in the fields of high-end contract furnishings, having completed many prestigious residential, commercial and hospitality projects in various countries around the globe. Mikodam now offers the same quality for your interiors with its exclusive line of wall panels and furniture.

With Mikodam you can transform your interiors instantly and surround yourself with designs which are unique and personalized. The 10 different lines of wall panels that work in a puzzle-like manner, are easily installed on tracks on the wall. Whether it's a bedroom, living area or home theater, you will be able to get creative.

Mikodam panels offer customizability without the custom price tag and long lead time. You're able to choose the style, material and color that suits your home, create acoustically improved spaces and achieve the aesthetic you've dreamed of. Caring for all the lives we touch, we work with conscious materials while considering their environmental impact.

Services Provided

3D Rendering, Bedroom Design, Custom Furniture, Custom Table, Design Consultation, Dining Room Design, Drafting, Entry Design, Green Building, Home Office Design, Home Theater Design, Interior Design, Project Management, Sustainable Design, Acoustic Wall Panel Manufacturer, Wall Panels for Home Theater

Our values

Mikodam takes joy and inspiration from the search of improving treated spaces. Art is pure yet complex; its quality rises from this complexity that combines many aspects to create a whole. Quality can only be reached through improving many different components of a product. What Mikodam offers deals with the issues of taste, quality and function. Mikodam solves and improves for you.

Mikodam serves the idea that the more senses you can please at the same time the better each individual’s experience will be. When it comes to quality we do not make compromises, we find solutions. To reach our aim in high quality Mikodam designs are customizable, aesthetic, acoustic, conscious, sustainable, durable; they come in different styles, they are adaptable to different needs and therefore they are unique.

Mikodam chooses conscious materials regarding their environmental effects as well as their effects on humans, from manufacturing to end-user. We use world class brands that are environmentally sensitive. We care for all the lives we touch. Health is one of the most important factors in design, and it is one of the important steps in our search for quality.

Mikodam brings natural and industrial together, creating materials that benefit from new technologies while inspiring from what nature has to offer us. We believe that using materials such as wood, along with the new options we have, has a balancing effect, to our surroundings and to our souls.

With Mikodam walls you get to be a part of the creative process without having to deal with issues such as manufacturing, quality and detail solving. Our designs gain value through the touches you bring to them. We believe in the power of design, and sharing the same passion for it, we want to improve spaces, together, increasing the delight we get in them.

As Mikodam we highly value education and research, wanting to contribute in the ways we can. We are aware of the fact that today’s world cannot survive without education and research; we all need to support it to create individuals with values that care for the earth and the future, investing in research for continuous development. We see students as the future and giving them a better education means a better future. Life and future, overall, are a design which is nourished by education and research; what all of us can provide to today’s education systems affects the design of the entire future.

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