MINA Rubinetterie

Who we are

"MINA is experience, desire to experiment and ability to follow the project in every evolutionary aspect

The idea arises in MINA, here it is developed, analyzed and implemented following all the stages of production.

Then it is offered to the market, knowing we have done a good job and the desire to start a new one.”

A few words to tell the essence of MINA, a family business that combines through innate authenticity the experience and craftsmanship efficiency with the taste for design, certified industrial quality and the bond with the raw material.

MINA offers collections of high-end taps, intended for kitchen and bathroom, ranging between items and accessories all made of stainless steel AISI 316L.

Our values

The AISI 316L has always been the backbone of business development.

Choosing stainless steel almost 20 years ago, it meant a brave and upstream challenge that also marked the step for other companies in the industry over time.

Its extreme aesthetic versatility allows to find multiple design solutions capable of adapting to any habitat.

Corrosion resistance, hygiene, complete recyclability and compatibility with man and environment make stainless steel the ultimate excellence of the architectural and design project.

Excellence and craftsmanship fit in well with the vocation to follow customer care. To create custom retail designs, which arise from direct dialogue with the company and they always manage to meet expectations.

Our presence around the world