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Who we are

MiniCucine is a brand born in 2009 with the aim of offering, through the website https://www.minicucine.com/, quality kitchens and furniture that allow you to live small spaces in a flexible and dynamic way.

The Space Saving mini retractable kitchens that we produce and sell throughout Italy and Europe perfectly fulfill this task and they are completely customizable and adaptable to all types of environments. In 2017 a strategic partnership was established with CI-BI, a company that since 1963 represents an excellence in the Turin business landscape, for the exclusive production of kitchens, single-block but also custom-made, which can satisfy even the most demanding customer, with the possibility of being integrated with complete furnishings, which can also be made to order. Although the main features of the mini-kitchens are standardized on the basis of the experience accumulated over the years to keep an absolutely interesting price, the production of each individual element is treated in detail, even in large deliveries.

Our values

The flexibility that distinguishes our business processes not only allows the personalization of each individual kitchen through the choice of already planned solutions but also its complete customization. In 2018 MiniCucine.com received the award as "best space-saving solution" from Build magazine in the Real Estate category