MINT Furniture

Who we are

When we consider the possibility of moving in with someone, we are very selective and try to choose someone who shares our values, who we can imagine spending the rest of our lives with and be ourselves.

Why should it be different with our furniture?

With a strong emphasis on the timeless design, sustainability, and outstanding quality, MINT Furniture believes it shouldn’t.

Since the year 2009 MINT Furniture has not only developed a very specific furniture design signature but also grown as a team with strong-minded and talented new members.

Our values

MINT Furniture collection was inspired by the world's best design examples, modern and brutalist architecture, as well as by MINT designers’ personal views on contemporary living.

MINT Furniture is attractive due to its high functionality, outstanding quality, laconic shapes, and incredibly light lines.

MINT Furniture highly values ease and authenticity.

The simplicity of the shape, lightness of the design and easy installation, as well as high quality of the materials and variations of colors are MINT values that will turn house furnishing into a pleasant experience.