Modulo parking

Who we are

At MODULO we are specialists in the field of parking. Based on many years of construction experience, we have created a modern product, which is a response to the ever-growing demand for parking spaces.

MODULO is up to 10 different Parking Systems, tailored to your needs. They are used not only by developers or general contractors, but also by private individuals. MODULO parking platforms can be found in many public facilities, on housing estates and in private garages.

We have our own production park, which allows us to adapt the devices to the customer’s personalized requirements and the specifics of each investment. We work with reliable suppliers, that’s why over 95% of our products come from Polish manufacturers. This translates into high quality of Parking Systems and quick access to spare parts. We are sure of our products because we control every stage of their production.

Our values


Our offer is addressed not only to investors, developers or architects. Even if you do not have a large object requiring many parking spaces, you will find something for yourself with MODULO products. Especially for individual users, we have created solutions that allow to better manage the space in the garage or the backyard parking lot. The priority in creating the constantly evolving product catalog of MODULO is the safety of you and your cars. Our products, created by internal designers, are tested many times and meet all safety standards. We also provide a wide range of accessories to increase the convenience of parking, such as sensors, gates, barriers, bumpers and many more.


We know how important it is for parking system users to be convenient and easy to park. Especially for you, we introduce solutions and accessories that significantly simplify the use of our products and allow you to shorten the time needed to park your car to a minimum.


In the interest of the natural environment, we strive to make our devices as ecological as possible. We have introduced a line of accessories for electric car users. By supporting electromobility, we propose batteries that allow the devices to draw as little power as possible, and those offered by energy-efficient lighting will illuminate the area around our Systems using the minimum amount of energy.