Who we are

“We were raised with the idea that if you want to make something you must know how to do it”
Famiglia Morelato

This is the third generation of Morelato family specializing in fine woodcraft. We use precious woods in order to produce handcrafted iconic and functional furniture. The experience we gathered through the years, allows us to produce furniture redefining classicism in a unique contemporary way.
Our furniture is made by combining traditional techniques and the newest technologies, in order to create quality timeless products.
Artisanship, mechanical precision, qualified design, selection of fine materials and attention to the tiniest detail are the trademarks of “morelato furniture”. Through a network of experienced craftsmen, we enhance the local production skills, and manufacture 100% made in Italy furniture.

Wood has been at the heart of the morelato family for many generations.
At the end of 17th century, they were lumber traders in the Venetian Republic. In 1930, Aldo Morelato opened his manufacture and launched hand-made furniture considered “pieces of arts” for the quality of inlays and decorations.
In the 1990’s Morelato faced the challenge of international markets issueing his first contemporary furniture collections. Today, Morelato aims at designing versatile furniture of great character able to fulfill a diversity of living moods

Our values

Our mission is to ensure the well-being of our craftsmen, our customers and our planet. We only use certified wood from reforestation areas and we maximize our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint by producing sustainable furniture designed and manufactured to last.

Our presence around the world