Who we are

A mix of culture, experience, interaction among various
professionals, high technology and modern entrepreneurship.

With locations in Vicenza and Milan, Moret is founded on the deep knowledge
of aesthetic quality and materials gained by the Pashamoglu family
over more than thirty-five years of experience in fine rugs.

Our decades-long tradition combines with contemporary Italian craftsmanship.
The close relationship forged with artists, designers and architects in creating and designs for
homes, stores, showrooms, hotels, golf clubs, yachts and jets all over the world
tailor-made collections has made Moret an international leader
in the sector of luxury and custom rugs.

Our values

Thanks to its know-how and entrepreneurial commitment, Moret gives the guarantee to the designers of achieving their ideas ensuring high quality in terms of duration in time, shininess, resistance to the sun, climate, wear and tear.

The thorough research for the best professionals that can interpret the project and for the most advanced technologies for checking the production aspects, reaches a faithful interpretation of complex projects, even when the aesthetical approaches are different between them – or it is required to produce special unique broadloom rugs, also in the order of one hundred square meters.