Who we are

Natucer started out by the end of the 90´s, matching up with the Spanish technological revolution and the producction of pressed wall tiles through quick fire.

In its founding moment, the quick firing technology was questioned to be able to substitute the over 24 hours firing technology existing in the extruded ceramics field those days. It was not going to be easy to Natucer as there were no former records in Spain about it, but thanks to ITC (Ceramics Technology Institute) we got down to work and achieved a 1400sqm a day production of unglazed products.

Our next step consisted of investing in Research and Development, creating within the company our own developing lab, its building concluded in 1992. Thanks to the above mentioned lab, new clay formulae were born and led us to achieve lower firing times and hence, increase our production up to 3000sqm a day. In 1996 we increased our staff and our production capacity. That year, Outdoor ice-resistant glazed floor tiles were created.

In 1997, we started to produce the extruded ceramic wall tiles and at the same time, as a result of our Research and Development dedication, Natucer launched the first extruded brightness surface wall tiles to the market. Such products presentation was held at CEVISAMA'98.

Some years later in 1999, Natucer introduces an new manufacturing system with the rotocolour technology, with seven heads, which allows the extruded parts to be decorated with serigraphy. This let us to position ourselves in an avant-grade segment of the world's ceramic market. These products were presented for the first time in CEVISAMA 2000.

Over the course of 2000, following on technical novelties, we developed a new outdoor ceramic floor tile called "FilterFloor" which prevents from water blockage problems allowing it to disappear naturally.

Both outdoor and indoor extruded porcelain floor tiles were also developed in the year 2007.

During 2010 and 2011, Natucer's challenge was to introduce the ceramic digital printing in its production system.

In year 2015, Natucer was awarded with the "Alfa de Oro" in CEVISAMA for the development of several ceramic pieces embedded in urban areas and some customized projects.

Our values

Concern for the care of the environment and preservation of the environment has been a priority for the creation of this new brand The company Natucer. The sustainability of our way of life and necessary balance to the environment needs concrete facts and tangible actions. Natucer is responsible for the manufacturing process to minimize their impact on the environment.

Natucer is committed to caring for the environment and the effects that impact on the environment due to their activity. Has made significant investments in infrastructure to adapt and apply the best techniques and cleaner production processes. Some of the requirements to be met, among others are: Discharges. Atmospheric emissions. Waste management and procedures.