Who we are

NEONNY is a remarkable lighting product developer, we are providing comprehensive lighting solution regarding bespoke lighting
product,installation and control to global residential and commercial needs around the world. Our products are in the 
leading position over the global market and endorsed by the world's top professionals in the fields of smart lighting engineering, 
Eco & interior design.

Our professional team owns over 15 years experience in working together with architects, interior designers and contractors in diverse culture.We are committed to direct communication with the global designers and consumers, put ourselves in their position,
strive to figure out the best solution, pursuit the ultimate consumer satisfaction. We listen to your needs and develop solutions. 

As the international brand, Neonny has offically registered trademark in both United States of America and European Union. We are now seeking global architects, interior designers, lighting distributors and contractors to establish the worldwide service channel. We are expecting to work together with new partners based on the mutual understanding, confidence and trust, create and deliver unique value to the market and ourselves.

Our values

1 - Provide world`s leading innovative products and solutions

2 - Provide the product representing world`s design mainstream

3 - High flexible custom services according to client`s design or concept

4 - Directly serve clients all over the world

5 - No MOQ