Nowy Styl Group

Who we are

We are a privately owned company and have been present in the market since 1992. With 27 years’ experience we are able to deliver products to over 100 countries around the world. 86% of our revenue comes from foreign markets, mainly Western Europe.

We coperate closely with our customers through a global sales network and modern production sites. We operate in 16 countries in Europe and the Middle
East. We have a developed distribution network, thanks to which we are able to meet our clients’ needs across the globe. 

Production sites located mainly in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Germany and Switzerland allow us to manufacture high quality products very efficiently. Our furniture solutions can be seen in 31 showrooms located in European cities, such as London, Paris and Prague, as well as in many dealer showrooms around the world. We are also keen on meeting our clients at international fairs like Orgatec, the largest furniture fair in Europe.

Nowy Styl Group has received several awards in the area of product design, manufacturing technology achievement, Top 100 Employers in Poland, as well
as social and business activities in the Sub-Carpathian region. 

We KNOW HOW to #MakeYourSpace


The comprehensive arrangement of a well designed office involves an optimal combination of three elements – it concentrates on people and the processes they realise in their place of work, which allows for increasing a company’s efficiency. Choose the aspect you consider the most important and want to start your project with.

An office is a place where people work; people are its main users. A well designed office motivates people to work and increases their job commitment.

People in every organisation undertake different tasks and realise diverse business processes. A functionally arranged office improves the efficiency of both.

Surroundings influence people and their behaviour. An optimally designed office space inspires people, organises their work, provides support in performing everyday duties and helps build a company’s image.

Our values

With great passion and respect for the natural environment, we help people arrange offices and other public spaces. We make sure the spaces respond to people’s needs concerning health and comfort, increase job satisfaction and efficiency, and fulfil individual requirements regarding ergonomics and aesthetics. We want them to serve people as best they can.


Nowy Styl Group is made up of ambitious, young at heart people who constantly improve their way of working and look for new solutions in order to achieve even better results.


Appreciating other companies’ experience and knowledge, we constantly learn and improve our qualifications. We are able to admit to our mistakes and draw conclusions from them. At the same time, we are proud of what we have already achieved.


We are of the opinion that ethical standards and decency are equally binding both in business and in private. That’s why we treat our associates and business partners with respect, keep our promises and act transparently.


We consider the cultural diversity in our company and the environment as great treasures. We treat each other with respect and strive for mutual understanding.

Our presence around the world