OEM - Pizza System

Who we are

Exceeding your expectations

Oem is a leading Company in Italy involved in the production of equipment for pizza restaurants and food processing. Our Company’s policy bases upon a constant improvement to achieve the best results and we are able to do this thanks to our personnel’s skill and professionalism as well as our aim at improving both our products and service, in order to give our customers innovative solutions, reliability and high quality performances, as well. Each Company’s activity is featured by a constant search for excellence, always protecting both social sphere and environment.

Innovative character with a 44-year experience

From more than 40 years, Oem’s products are featured by a remarkable innovative character and any strategic action our Company plans for the future starts from this particular property involving more than 7 % of our staff. Thorough know-how, constant technical research, reliability, design and high quality of the products are combined with professionalism aimed at giving customers a comprehensive service in developing their outlet and this allows us to be considered as a point of reference for the catering sector.

A growing leadership

Oem foundation dates back to 1973, near Mantua; its promoter immediately guessed the remarkable potential of pizza business and during 1977, he started producing a new series of electric pizza ovens and spiral kneading machines, in order to widen the Company’s range, which already consisted of industrial dish & glass washing machines. Such choice was the first important step towards a pizza epoch-making transformation, which created a determined trend towards a constant evolution. During 1980, Oem planned and patented its first circular pizza formers developing in this way a comprehensive pizza production industrialization range, which is nowadays contained in our consolidated “Pizza System”. In 1996, Oem became an Ali SPA Group’s member (Ali SPA Group is a leading Group all over the world regarding production and sales of catering equipment) obtaining in this way a business synergy which allowed them to gain new customers and improved their leadership, as well.

Our values

Customer is our focus

Oem’s mission is the customer’s satisfaction through the supply of high quality products and service as well as a constant research aimed at developing innovative solutions according to the customer’s needs. Highest quality, reliability, ease of use, long-lasting and safe products are a choice that cannot be renounced and starts from the market, where we constantly face and solve customers’ issues. Oem’s aim is the satisfaction of any customer’s demand by studying and planning customized solutions for traditional pizza restaurants, “take away” or for the last generation’s catering chains.

101% “made in Italy quality”

Oem’s products are developed with typically Italian creativity and design, according to domestic and international Standards. Before starting mass-productions, the whole range is tested in our laboratory as well as directly on the market, through a store test partners’ network. Before installing, each product is submitted to quality and safety tests.

Pizza System: the only comprehensive system able to simplify business

Our long experience has allowed us to meet the market needs by developing our “Pizza System”: a totally integrated programme consisting of equipment for pizza restaurants, able to automatize the whole production process, from basic ingredients to ready-to-eat pizza. This system rigorously keeps up with tradition, it also maintains the organoleptic properties of the food: a real technological evolution able to respect the Mediterranean dietary habits.

An automatic system which does not forget tradition

Oem plans and manufactures every equipment needed to develop the complete pizza production process in its own factory and premises, which cover a surface equal to 16,000 sq.m.

The system consists of:

• Spiral kneading machines, with fixed or tilting head and extractable bowl;

• Dough dividers & rounders, also available as one machine making portions from 50 to 300 grs;

• Hot formers (Pressform), to prepare circular dough bases having a diameter from 30 to 50 cms;

• Food preparation machines (AUREA)

• Gastronomic & pizza ovens with electric or gas supply - wide range:

• Small ovens, Professional single-deck ovens, Electric & modular ovens, Gas ovens, Static conveyor ovens, Ventilated conveyor ovens (electric or gas supply), Electric rotating ovens.