Officine Gullo

Who we are


Florence, beauty, technology and artisanal craftsmanship: these are the concepts that summarize the souls of our creations. Our kitchens are an expression of refined style, use of fine materials and timeless shapes/design. They are a place of union where specialized artisanship and its deeply rooted Florentine roots meets state-of-the-art technology and the most sophisticated cooking systems. The result is a bespoke, tailor-made product that is designed to fit our individual clients, therefore making it unique.

Our values


The Officine Gullo kitchens are created in balance between tradition and modernity. Every kitchen is equipped with avant-garde technology, inserted inside structures that have inherited the ancient artisanal tradition of metalworking. The beauty of our city that we are so lucky to live in is the element that allows us to mix together these two souls of our production: technology and style. The wonders of this land that inspires so many people every day, guide our magination every time that we start a project. The perfect geometries hidden in the facades of ancient buildings, in the frescoes, sculptures, artisanship are our models as we forge the metals of our creations. Nothing would have been possible without Florence.


To understand the true value of an Officine Gullo kitchen, a brief trip to the laboratories where the ideas come to life is a necessary experience, other than being an extremely interesting voyage. Everything begins with the project, examined in detail with the client until all of the requirements have been satisfied. When the blueprints of the projects reach the workshop, work begins on the metal panels (thickness can reach 7mm). The stainless steel takes the shape of the drawers, cabinets and tops on which professional elements and appliances are mounted. In parallel the details are brought to life: work on the knobs, corner trims, hinges and mechanisms is manually carried out piece by piece by working solid brass billets on the lathe and milling the panels of the finest metals. When every piece is ready, the kitchen is assembled in its raw state to evaluate that all is perfect. This is a fundamental phase as this allows the technicians to check the precision of the pairing of the cabinets and the harmony of the project. The kitchen is then taken apart for the last phase, the finishing and the painting of the metals, where its final configuration takes shape. A careful and meticulous ork, carried out by master artisans, allows the kitchen in all its detail to become unique and inimitable.


For Officine Gullo imagining a space dedicated to cooking and where we spend many convivial moments of our lives, it means placing the client, as a person, with all of his or her passions and wishes in a central role of the project. It is because of this that for the birth of every new kitchen we have a fundamental prerequisite: A meeting with the client and a thorough analysis of the location that will house the kitchen. The building blocks of the project are laid with the future owner of the kitchen, who will become together with us, through their wishes and requests, the inventor. It is often the client that together with us manages to invent innovative layouts and distribution of the space, or new colour combinations together with suggested finishings. Once designed, the project goes through a thorough analysis run by our team of technicians that verify its functionality and therefore engineer the project. The go-ahead from the technicians opens the road for the graphical presentation of the project where our CGI and 3D artists develop photorealistic renderings and insert the kitchen in ground-breaking Virtual Reality, making the project come to life. Only hen, after the confirmation of the client, do the doors of production finally open to make the kitchen a beautiful reality.


To many, cooking is a form, if not of art, certainly of high craftsmanship. However, whether professional or amateur, a chef must realize that cooking involves two basic steps: choosing and combining ingredients and cooking methods.

In order to bring craftsmanship and technology together, Officine Gullo has provided its cooking machines with appliances designed to increase its customers’ chances of professional and successful cooking. The high-performance brass and cast iron gas burners, highly resistant to oxidation, humidity and long exposure to heat, featuring a power ranging from 3,5 kW to 6 kW, are the fruit of a working philosophy that aims to enhance the potential of any kitchen stove. Every single element of our cooking machines, from the high-performance gas burners to the coup de feu and professional lava stone barbecue, are suitable for the most varied cooking techniques. The right cooking method is this great chef’s key to reach the perfect crunchiness and the unexpected softness that melts in your mouth, that’s why the best international chefs as Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Chef Aram Mnatsakanov and Chef Vito Mollica have chosen Officine Gullo.


A mechanism of precision and power than joins the harmony of the shapes and design with the most modern technologies used for cooking: exactly like a luxury super-car, the engine of the Officine Gullo cooking machines offer extraordinary performance with a unique design. The burners, key part of the engine, are made in solid brass and chromed cast iron. Equipped with a thermocouple and safety valves they are able to unleash up to 10 Kilowatts of power. The professional oven is made entirely of high thickness steel and is compatible with the standard Gastronorm trays; thanks to its uniform temperature it guarantees delicious baking. Many powerful cooking elements can be placed next to the burners and the ovens: pasta-cooker, steam-cooker, lava-stone barbecue, smooth or grooved fry-tops and much more. All of these can be added according to the wishes of the client and can be placed without limits on the tops of the kitchens